Crash Bandicoot Anniversary Bundle - Launch Trailer - Nintendo Switch

Joylandi 21-Iyl, 2021
Celebrate 25 years of marsupial mayhem with the Crash Bandicoot Anniversary Bundle, available now on Nintendo Switch!

⏰ Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time
💥 Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy
🏁 Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled

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  • Wow crash on smash confirm 😂

  • Now that’s what I call bang for your buck

  • it looks beautiful

  • I already have them all, is this digital or something? Does this mean they will update CTR online?

  • Call me whem they add Crash Bash

  • Am I the only having trouble with the Nintendo eshop while trying to buy this? I keep getting error 2813-9302 ERROR CODE: UNPROCESSABLE_ENTITY. Makes no sense, just a couple of weeks ago I got the Tony Hawk game with the same method, no problem whatsoever

  • Three games that I will never buy because of Activision's horrible treatment of female employees.

  • this does put a smile on my face

  • This means crash might be in smash bros

  • Crash for Smash!!!

  • Ive already played them all but if you havent get it there so fun!

  • Activision/Blizzard desperately drawing away all the attention on their pile of filth they're trying to hide under the rug.

  • This isn’t right “Hey plumber boy moustache man you worst nightmare has arrived “


  • Hey plumber boy mustache man your worst nightmare has arrived

  • What if I have one of the three games? Discount?

  • If this costs 60 bucks there is no excuse why Nintendo charges 60 for Skyward Sword. Oh yeah, the fanboys will buy it anyway. I forgot.

  • 8 million subscribers?! 😲 Nintendo must be so familiar to every single gamer. 😃

  • I will feel happy to see Crash Bandicoot in Smash Bros Ultimate to celebrate his 25th Anniversary to finish the fight! LET'S GOOOOOOOOOO!!!

  • @Nintendo is it For Nintendo Switch?

  • Does this mean crash bandicoot for last dlc character in smash?

  • Crash for Smash!

  • Oh look, just in time for Activision to try and ignore their lawsuit. Reminder for those in the back, his anniversary is in September. And before anyone gets on about "development time", this is literally a bundle. A copy and paste job. This is absolutely diversionary.

  • crash for SMASH

  • Sad that developer stop adding new tracks for CTR, I quit playing long time ago

  • This is actually the perfectest bundle you can ever in a bundle, cool!

  • Well now this is what is worth paying 60 bucks for

  • another round of calls of Crash for Smash?

  • It's annoying that the design keeps changing for some reason. Just make a design and stick to it omg. They ruined Spyro, he has a pig nose now for some reason.



  • This game has more trilogies than transformers.

  • There is no way that Crash isn't gonna be the last Smash character


  • collection of a collection looks a bit weird

  • Physical? or Digital only?

  • No punghung

  • Crash


  • hard to play👎🏼

  • Who would wanna buy CTR nowadays cuz of its lack of updates

  • Crash for Smash final DLC pack confirmed

  • So What, No Wrath of Cortext?

  • Thia is gonna cost an arm and 2 heads because its 3 games inside a game inside a game that has 2 more games

  • It's confirmed Crash For Smash. He's the last character!!!!

  • This is such an amazing deal, 5 games for the price of one and they're all rock solid. Though I don't know how they run on Switch besides the longer loading times.

  • Don't let this distract you from the fact Activision is currently being sued for very inappropriate treatment of employees.

    • It's Activison Blizzard, to be precise World of Warcraft team.

    • Okay but saving money

  • Come on crushes on the switch crash in smash crash and smash


  • Best game collection.

  • I just want this on steam 🤧


  • Who’s ready to get their teeth kicked in?

  • This is (apparently) cheaper than 3D All-Stars. This is the no-brainiest of no-brainers.

  • Solo me falta la switch y ya lo compro ):

  • What if I got 2 of the 3 can I just pay the difference? 🥺

  • Remember Activision is in investigation for some sexual situation.

  • Well I'll be damned.....o_o

  • Mejor que Mario 3d all star

  • Can I still get that crash 4 for $3? Because I had no idea this was coming and bought the N.Sane trilogy 3 days ago for the price I could’ve bought 4 games. I feel cheated.

  • Okay off topic when are we going to get Fall Guys we've been waiting for 7 months starting to lose hope

  • Anyone remember the PS One commercial of crash inthe Nintendo parking lot, saying their going down? Guess not? My mistake then ;)

  • Huh, I actually think I’ll buy this one.

    • did you? I keep getting this error error 2813-9302 ERROR CODE: UNPROCESSABLE_ENTITY. and is only with the Nintendo eshop? I can use my paypal account everywhere and the Nintendo reddit sub isn't very helpful lol I only got like 2 days left, this sucks

  • Crash in smash the next

  • What’s funny is two days ago I almost bought crash bandicoot n sane trilogy

  • 5 games in 1. Cool

  • Don't get it, Activision it's just distracting the rack that they are awful and digusthing

  • Whoa

  • Can I take this as a "Crash in Smash" reference?

  • Don’t care waiting for Spyro 4

  • IF you Can Make A game collection then please add him in smash

  • This looks amazing, but... I'm not a fan of buying digital. I prefer physical. Alas.

  • Are these games good? Never played any of them. Its 41.99 right now on eShop

  • 😠Listen up guys, this is serious,⛔🛑do not get this game at all since it will mean supporting a company being Activision Blizzard who can't even treat their employees right, drove one of the employee to commit suicide because of the higher ups disgusting behavior and relentless harassing and are facing lawsuit by the state of California 😠😠😠😠😠 you have been warned ⛔⛔


  • Let's just hope that masahiro Sakurai put seiya or some other characters inside of smash bros ultimate

  • Dumb Question: When will there be Crash Bandicoot 5?

  • Crash in smash confirmed?! Just kidding

  • I'd play Crash of the Titans and Mind Over Mutants

  • They did not use switch footage I swear

  • Crash bandicoot for the final dlc fighter in smash ultimate!!!

    • Crash should have been in Smash since Brawl in my opinion

  • the fact that this costs less than Super Mario 3D All Stars is so funny

  • I already own all these games on switch



  • Pirate the game. Activision/Blizzard discriminates against women and caused one of their employees to commit suicide after constant sexual harassment. Love Crash. Great games. Don’t support these fuckos though

  • lol activision is trying to cover their lawsuit up

  • The actual anniversary isn't for another two months, I wonder why they're doing this now.... Hmmm... *looks at recent lawsuit against activision

  • 60?! That’s so good!

  • Smash plz

  • OMG! But i've already got crash 4 on switch...

  • …Nintendo is killing you ! 🤤…you spend more in games than ever … welcome to the Deck 🤫😜🥕🥕🥕🥕🥕🍑

  • Mario 3D All-stars: an expensive game with three titles that were not changed at all, and to make it worst, it was until March 31st Crashiversary Bundle: *Crash 1, 2, and 3 remastered, the racing game of Crash remastered and Crash 4 in one bundle, making it 5 games* I think we can see a clear difference, don't we?

    • Yes, 3D All stars should have included Galaxy 2 and kept selling digital copies until September. Here's hoping for a Galaxy 2 remaster bundle with a 3D All Stars and Oddessy for $100 but discounted to $64.99 on sale, hands down I'd buy it.

  • At least they did something, for Rayman they did nothing

  • Oh yea, i cant wait to spend 30 gigabytes on games i already have!

  • This is how it starts, first they port some playstation games!!! Then boom, crash bandicoot for smash!!!!!!!

  • Now all you need is crash in smash

  • A bundle with two of the greatest games of all time (and also Crash 4)

  • I never particularly cared about the Crash franchise. But this bundle does seem like a good value and I would consider purchasing it if everything comes on one cartridge.