Curved Space - Launch Trailer - Nintendo Switch

Joylandi 13-Iyl, 2021
Test your skills in Curved Space, a unique take on the classic twin stick shoot ‘em up. Buy it now:

Curved Space is an intense arcade-style twin-stick shooter that takes the classic formula and plunges it into the weirdest reaches of space. Battle cosmic space-invading spiders across curved landscapes where bullets hug the terrain while the horizon drops sharply out of sight.

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  • Welcome to the next edition of, I'm Gonna Buy This Cuz It Looks Cool But Won't Play It Because of Lack of Time!

  • I want a new starfox.. or the Wiiu hd that I didn't bought this console

  • "What if Super Mario Galaxy were an arcade shooter instead?" I like it.

  • You know what suprises me? How they are able to make games this beatiful on a chip as powerful as a ps3. Not joking.

  • Escuse me i have 3 SNES games and 1 nes games Snes Super mario rpg Earthbound Chonor tigger Nes Batman So this are the games coming in july 24 2021

  • Should of kept my Mega Drive!

  • Celldweller OST is dope

  • Gameplay looks fine but the character design looks bland & forgettable....I want to PUNCH that guy in the hat & glasses...his face is so PUNCHABLE!!

  • 60 fps?

  • Mad Space, the game

  • This looks like it got ripped straight out of the ps2 era. I love it, defo an insta cop

  • we want the legend of zelda ocarina of time in switch

  • I don't know why,but it's giving me Warframe vibes

  • Never heard something sound so much like Celldweller in any media outside his own albums! Is this actually him?

  • Bro Nintendo why you sued somebody that where no joke promoting your plushes sml got ppl to buy more of your plushes and you sued him and not those kids that no joke copy your plushes and sell them themselves (btw love the game you guys make can’t wait for the next Zelda game to come out😘)

  • Am I the only one getting old school "Tempest" vibes from this?


  • And yet my dream of becoming a space pirate get further and further from my grasp

  • nice game but we are eagerly awaiting other games like "sea of ​​the thieves", "Dark suol III" and the goal system for the games

  • What about a Mario 2d game with a new graphic better than the metroid 5 game?

  • Well this game is certainly up my alley, time to check Steam ;)

  • Wii U has another game coming out in 2021 and 2022

  • Getting this one! Looks great!

  • the ship reminds me of galaga

  • Please nintendo. just add the game "friday night funkin" and we will be happy

  • Can’t wait looks sick

  • Macro Assault. Mega Assault? Pico Assault? Mini?

  • Dude if anyone says Nintendo suck I WILL KILL YOU it’s amazing

  • What if Nintendo did a paper Mario All Stars on the switch!!!!!

  • Super Stardust vibes? Nice!

  • Looks pretty cool ngl

  • Wow, so they really did just go and forget DK like that huh? I don’t understand what this company’s problem is and nor do I ever think I will :/

  • I was kinda looking into it until I saw those cringe worthy characters. I wasn’t not going to pass but paasss.

  • Reminds me of Nano Assault EX/NEO on 3DS/Wii U (Shin'en)

  • Played the PC demo. Wasn't bad, but needed some polish, they've had another 5 months since then so hoping for the best..

  • Sml was the best

  • I’m saying, there are some seeds for a new F-zero here

  • Wow this looks sexy

  • Why did you want to sue sml?

  • Hey why Nintendo?

  • Reminds me of Nano Assault by Shin'en

  • this looks amazeballs

  • I was thinking about smash what if Chun-Li got in

  • Looks like a slimmed down version of nano assault. A Twinstick Shooter in a 3rdPS. At least a great soundtrack!

    • Pretty sure it's Celldweller, if it isn't, his stuff is exactly this if you wanted more of this sound.

  • Love the music, I hope they put it in the game.

    • Pretty sure it's Celldweller, if it isn't, his stuff is exactly this if you wanted more of this sound.

  • Hey Nintendo we are waiting for the trailer of Super mario maker 3 and Super mario Galaxy 3 ?

  • This looks like Geometry Wars with extra steps.

  • The switch has so many really fun looking indie titles I love it

  • nintendo What day will it come out Super Mario Galaxy 3 y Super Mario Maker 3 ?

  • OK can all the commenters stop stealing each other's comments about flat earth? Come with your own 💩

  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥💪🖤

  • Zaxxon. Does anyone remember the arcade Zaxxon? Awesome, Nintendo!

  • So glad to see it isn't another 2d game. This looks awesome!

  • SCANDROID?! You had me on Synthwave!

  • It's a round round world It's a round round world I insist it's round and it's going to be found when all the results are in, it's a round world now and it's always been

  • MMM this planet 🌍 is gonna to die off and next stop 🛑 is (Mars) (true story) Nintendo

  • All budget went to music, none for the physics engine


  • Lies, that space is completely euclidean

  • Did I see a Metroid?

  • Really cool art style. Also the bugs remind me of Starship troopers

  • The earth is a flat and stationary plane, and space is, indeed a curved dome like structure above us called the firmament. If your honest and unbiased about the research then you will naturally come to this conclusion. Please see “200 p roofs the earth is not a spin ning globe” by Eric Dubay for a really good introduction to the science 🧪 📐

  • This game is the sequel to the legend of zelda breath of the wild

  • You heard it here folks! Space is now gay.

  • Dude this looks sick

  • Playing it right now! It's super good!!

  • Is this song from celldweller?

  • Wow. I am buying this ASAP!

  • Is the music in game similar to the trailer music??

  • Can we pre Oder it

  • Is this celldweller for music? Celldweller is amazing 👏

    • 3Force (feat Scandroid) - abyss

  • Heck yeah the game looks good and the song sounds great! Hopefully the soundtrack is like that in game

  • This looks really cool!

  • Nintendo switch.. When will a remastering of the games star wars Rogue squadron, 1, 2 and 3 be?

  • God damn, that looks nice

  • Noice

  • I get retro vibes from this

  • E nada de um novo Mário Galaxy

  • nois

  • This game looks really good might actually buy it

  • WHO is the artis of this song ?

  • Nice soundtrack, cool looking game

  • Фигня какая-то.

  • I wanna know what the song is

  • looks awsome. might get if it i can try a demo.

  • For some reason the music reminded me of “Soul Meets Body” even though that’s a different genre

  • Interesting

  • i want dreamworks battle royal🙏🙏🙏

  • The song is Abyss by 3FORCE for anyone wondering. Great song.

  • Physical only like $20

  • Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope 2022

  • FiXT: NEON providing the soundtrack? I hope the game is worthy of the artists.

  • Scarlet Nexus when?

  • Dhdhejjes

  • Y mi ermano zelda

  • Pero friday nignt funkin no

  • Nintendo porfa miku porfa vor 🥳

  • Wow

  • That music!!

  • Nano Assault