Soaring Through The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD

Joylandi 15-Iyl, 2021
This episode, Chris and guests Ethan from Nintendo Treehouse and Joe from the social media team at Nintendo of America take flight on their Loftwings to soar through the Legend of Zelda™: Skyward Sword HD game. The trio shares their hands-on impressions of the game’s new features and improvements, discusses its legacy in the Legend of Zelda series, and more!

The group also digs into Blossom Tales: The Sleeping King in Nintendo Power Game Club, which is a fun find for any fan of the classic Legend of Zelda™: A Link to the Past game for the Super NES™ system. There’s also a series of silly Legend of Zelda fan polls and a special Legend of Zelda edition of the Warp Zone quiz, plus the group picks their most anticipated upcoming games for the Nintendo Switch™ system.

00:42 - The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD

31:45 - Player’s Pulse

36:31 - Nintendo Power Game Club: Blossom Tales: The Sleeping King

48:36 - Warp Zone Quiz

53:51 - Game Forecast

Ending music is from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD.

Games discussed have been rated EVERYONE to MATURE by the ESRB.

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  • super happy!

  • Please, don't call Skyward Sword the end of that style of Zelda gameplay. I liked that style FAR more than BotW's lack of gadget progression, and I would hate for classic Zelda gameplay to go away. :(

  • Nerf Lucina

  • Lefties can't play Skyward Sword HD with motion controls. I will not be purchasing the game or joy-cons. Way to alienate 13% of the population, Nintendo. 👍

  • Anyone remember the very hungry pikachu?It got removed by Nintendo….Say Pika if you remember the game in ROBLOX.

  • Skyward Sword seemed like it will never end, it drags and tries too much to be grand and epic. Also the motion gimmick didn't work, while the art direction is great and overall presentation is like you would expect, if you compare this with BOTW you will be disappointed. Majoras Mask is my favorite pre BOTW game.

  • When pikmin 4

  • What

  • Another podcast

  • Wow, Nintendo scammed me - thought I would get it on release date, instead I have to wait 2 extra days 😀

  • Blossom Tales is a banger!! So glad you guys are talking about it! If you enjoy ALttP it's a must play switch title.

  • Dang how long has it been since I’ve seen one of these podcasts? It’s been a minute

  • will a chapter of the mario and luigi saga come out? if he comes out, mario and luigi would take me to the center fi boswer 2

  • Nintendo can you please make Angry Birds go On the Nintendo switch because I love Angry Birds go

  • Valve Is going for you Nintendo.

    • They ain't scared. They got Metroid Dread and 2 Pokémon games coming up. We chillin. All my PC friends--enjoy Steam Deck!

  • Are they talking the full Nintendo switch Skyward sword HD

  • Melbourne in Australia has a snap lock down so I have to wait an entire week to get this game, as well as the special joy cons and amiibo

  • ok but can you fix drift

  • I love how half of it if for zelda

  • I refuse to believe it's pronounced "Fai" and not "Fee"

    • The voiced cutscenes in Hyrule Warriors said "Fai." And wi-fi is pronounced the same. -(I used to think it was "Fee" as a kid though.)-

  • This is literally going to be the first Zelda game I have ever played so I’m excited to play it

    • It's my favourite game, I think It is beautifull. I hope you enjoy it!

    • Get ready for a really fun experience!

    • Have fun and good luck!

  • Damn this podcast sucks

  • My the only one who got mine today on the 15th

  • Awesome Soaring Through The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD Video.

  • STEAM DECK! that’s what we deserved however you have ignored us. Think less just about profit and think twice about your fans.

    • @Link Link emulation, smh.

    • Steam Deck is for PC Steam Games not Nintendo exclusives smh

  • Nintendo power wHaat?!??

  • TL;DR - if you only know Zelda BOTW, you're going to be surprised by how linear the games used to be - it'll feel borderline restrictive. Skyward Sword was the last 'traditional' Zelda game of this style, and was heavily criticized for a number of elements (which might be why Nintendo re-invented it and broke so many conventions for BOTW), but we need to introduce you to its story before we bring back the sky islands in BOTW2, so give it a chance, it'll pay off.

  • Os sobra alguna Nintendo switch? Porque yo no tengo y me haríais muy feliz....

  • I was really looking forward to this game but I ended up cancelling my preorder. That Amiibo with the significant QOL feature was immediately scalped and listed for 3 times the original value. Total cost would be $130+… Ridiculous. I just couldn’t bring myself to support this installment. Why does Nintendo keep letting this happen?

    • @The101 Gamer totally agree i don’t know why people take it as such a big QoL, it’ll probably save you like a couple minutes throughout a play through

    • Get the game, it’s really good. If you don’t get the amiibo, It doesn’t matter, it’s not that big of a QoL feature anyway, bird statues are everywhere

    • if you dont want the amiibo just get the game. its not even that big of a QoL, there are so many bird statues

    • From the company's standpoint, that's not an issue as long as they sell it. Those who complain are mostly more hardcore gamers, which are just a minority of their figures. They just don't care about their customers as long as they get the money


  • Been there. Done that. Time and time. We do the same damn thing."Been there. Done that". Shut up. Lets play some video games.

  • Nintindo can you add friday night funkin on Nintendo switch?


  • “HD”

  • Never thought I’d see these again

  • it's very awesomeness show from Nintendo power podcast, this about skyward sword HD it really amazing.

  • Give sml there money back or at least let them use Mario charters

  • When Comes spelunky on the Switch

  • I am ready to jump into one of my favorite game in the Zelda series.

  • after almost 10 years its coming back!

  • What I don't understand is why Nintendo continues to allow rumors about the remastering of the Legend of Zelda games: Ocarina of Time and Majoras Mask 3ds, and Twilight Princess and Wind Waker HD for the hybrid console Nintendo Switch if according to them it's not true.

  • I am so ready to play Zelda tomorrow. ;)

    • @Alyssa C It's all good. I just bought like 5 games today. XD Gonna be hyped when they finish downloading lol.

    • Same! My bank account is gonna be crying though because I’m also getting the joycons😅

    • Same!

  • Lmao, this is mature? Why?

    • They do that when they mention games that are rated M (No More Heroes 3, etc.).

  • So excited, tomorrow will be my first time playing SS.

  • I can't even describe how excited I am for this game

    • @BIGFAT_NEWB 2 nice 👌

    • @gg I only got halfway through the game because my wii remote stopped working and I love every second of it

    • Bro I have the money for it, since they announced skyward sword hd I was si excited bri

  • Did anyone else notice how much he said "uh" and "uhhm"

  • Say it with me, ladies and gentleman: It's still not worth $60.

    • @jjmk I was never expecting a fully remade game. I only hoped for something more than the bare minimum, which is what we're getting now. Throw in a new bonus dungeon like they did with Twilight Princess HD (still the best Zelda by the way) or add a couple of additional islands in the sky with some optional side quests. Small things like that go a long way to add value to a game. Even if they don't end up radically improving the game, just the mere gesture would show that Nintendo cares about giving fans both new and old a solid experience at a fair price.

    • @jjmk Sure, I get where you're coming from. I think that's a perfectly reasonable point to make if this was a scenario where Nintendo would have done something to justify that price tag - even for people who haven't played it. This is a 10 year old game that originally retailed for $50. The HD upscaling and small quality of life improvements should be expected of any HD port. I can't be someone who says nothing about what's clearly a lazy port. Nintendo needs to be held accountable or we're just going to keep getting more lazy ports.

  • Now your listening with POWER

  • This is so cool!!!!!!

  • They _rreeeeeeeaaaallly_ want you to buy this game

    • @León PV i guess it's not really a problem, but when I'm subscribed to a channel I'd like more diversity than having the same ad pushing to buy the same product pop up again and again

    • @༒Gorm Auslander༒ I still don't see the problem

    • @León PV there's a difference between wanting you to buy the game, like putting out one or two videos of it, like every other game they announce on their channel, and desperately wanting you to buy it, where you keep posting about it twice a week forever.

    • I mean, that's what they're supposed to do

  • (Ttzzx

  • Nice to see Nintendo Power

  • Hey they talked about Blossom Tales, nice! I loved that game back when I first played it!

  • 18:20 - THE WIND WAKER. You can’t even get the name of the game correct.

    • @EPS5000 bro calm down, it ain't that deep I promise, you'll live

    • @jjmk Just because idiots leave off "the" doesn’t mean Nintendo employees should. By defending them, I, guessing you’re one of the aforementioned people that say the game title wrong?

    • @jjmk No it’s not. They should know the name of the game, they work for the company.

  • I love these Nintendo Switch summer games!

  • Mario, Mario, Mario, Zelda, Zelda, Zelda...Ok ! Now we want games like FZero, Killer Instinct, Yoshi Island...

  • When they advertise ports of older games they should focus on the new stuff and not the things I already have

  • Nice vid!

  • Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope 2022

  • Blossom Tales

  • Wow

  • The history is so cool

  • Hey nintendo remember sml

  • How I love the loz main theme Du duuuu du du du duuuu du du du duuuu Dun.

  • I’m glad Nintendo power still has a presence today!

  • 15 dislikes already because people are that annoyed with Skyward Sword HD

  • Good to see Nintendo Power is back!

  • I remember getting your magazine

  • Show the best part the Silent Realm 😃

    • @Stup ID Um ok 🤣

    • I still remember seeing my brother play through the Silent Realms and being really blown away. Can't wait to finally get to play it for myself in the HD version. Also if you feel like explaining your joke, let me explain mine first real quick.

  • Capcom mega man legends 3

  • Your all the best

  • The best video

  • Collect your before one hour ticket here

  • I got skyward sword today!

  • Ok

  • Can’t wait for this game, I preordered the game and amibo


  • Nintendo Power is BACK!!

  • It leaked…

  • I'm so excited for SSHD

  • Early Gang

  • Early gang

  • Yes ima buy it

  • hehe... this brings back memories of reading some old nintendo power...


  • Amazing

  • Poggies 60 dollars

  • Here before skyward sword haters

    • @Kate Dp Idk skyward sword is too linear for my tastes Twilight princess felt grand Like the series is saying "Alright im going big because Im Not going home"

    • @The Conductor Esplin I like SS better. It was my first.

    • Here!

    • Me too

    • @Jacob Boughton hey brotha

  • i never thought i would see nintendo power ever not in a thumbnail mainly.


  • Wtf is this

  • Oh, this is a podcast

    • Yep it’s says it right up next to Nintendo Power

  • Hi!

  • I wish my switch still worked, good thing I'm getting the OLED model for my birthday!

  • Imagine if we could soar in breath of the wild 2

    • What if you could get the crimson loftwing or something.

  • Good game

  • Sup

  • no stream LMAO

  • Yooooooo

  • Hello nintendo!