Super NES - July 2021 Game Updates - Nintendo Switch Online

Joylandi 20-Iyl, 2021
On July 28, sparks are sure to fly when three additional Super NES™ games join the Nintendo Switch Online service. This array of quirky and combustible titles will give you the chance to rediscover some of gaming’s hidden gems.

Super NES
Claymates - Take on the role of Clayton, son of Professor Putty. Your father has made a breakthrough, and with the serum he’s created, living creatures can be turned into clay! You will face many dangers, but you have the ability to transform into five different animals. You’ll need them all to run, jump, fly, swim and climb your way past the obstacles in your path.

Jelly Boy - In this platforming game originally released exclusively in Europe in 1995, you are Jelly Boy, candy given the spark of life by the power of lightning. You’ve come to life knowing one thing: You have to escape the candy factory. To get out, you’ll need to collect puzzle pieces and survive the enemy heavies trying to stop you. You’re sure to need all your wits, skills and shape-changing powers to make it through this wacky adventure.

Bombuzal - Strategically detonate every bomb in each level while leaving yourself a safe place to stand when the dust settles. In this puzzle game, you’ll have to be quick, because time is short. Just make sure you remember to take the size of each explosion into account, or it could blow a hole in all your careful planning. Good luck, and have a blast!

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  • 🤦

  • What can I expect I get what I pay for I guess. You win this round like every round wintendo

  • These days Nintendo are trying their best to make us hate them

  • Here come the complainers, whining about having dozens of games for both NES and SNES for the low price of $20 per YEAR. There are ways to play Mother 3 translated into English. If you choose to partake, it'll be partially Nintendo's fault for not making it available to us legally, AND you'll spend no money when doing it. There are far worse things in this world to complain about. Save your energy.

  • I feel like they’re regretting making the promise of having constant new games on the nes. However jelly boy doesn’t look half bad (lol).

  • How is it possible to disappoint a whole fan base that didn’t expect anything in the first place

  • 😐

  • Nintendo, you need to start seeing emulation as a serious threat, this is GARBAGE.

  • absolutely pathetic

  • Booooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!

  • fans: sight up for servis nintedo: realses good games start fans: okie but where earthbound? nintedo: realses games they wanna realse fans: earthbound?

  • Not going to lie these seem like the under $1 games I would see in pawn shops...

  • Imagine they port earthbound into a remake for $60

  • Jelly Boy? I wanted to FORGET this atrocity of a platformer. I can think of so many better games that deserve to be in this month's update. Getting aside the incredibly obvious picks of EarthBound and Super Mario RPG, how about something like UN Squadron? Literally one of the best side-scrolling shoot-em-ups on the SNES.

  • just start releasing gb/gba games there are so many games on it that people will like instead of scraping snes no name titles. why not have fusion, return of samus, and zero mission to accompany dread

  • These videos are starting to get even more dislikes than pro-covid vaccine videos. That really shows just how repulsed people rightly are about this garbage.

  • I thought ps plus this month was trash but Nintendo went all in

  • EARTH_ _ _ _ _ & STAR _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 2 Plus maybe some more RPG's like Lufia woukd be nice.

  • As a customer, I am disappointed...

  • What are the chances that we get Soul Blazer, Illusion of Gaia and Terranigma for the next Snes Online Update?

  • NTDOY shareholder here. Come on, Nintendo! Don’t run our company into the ground. 😓

  • The SNES and NES virtual console is just incidental and absolutely not why I pay for Nintendo online. It's value is reserved and reflected in things like Smash, Mario Golf, Mario Krat, Diablo 3, Dark souls, etc... But this is a profoundly disappointing line up.

  • I hate this

  • Why on earth Nintendo hasn't added the N64?, i mean, Switch can easily run games up to the freaking Gamecube/Wii at 60 FPS and they can't add some N64 gems?, its just really stupid at this point... I miss the Virtual Console with all my hearth :'(

  • These games are terrible. 😩

  • I really hope that Nintendo as a company will shut down due to insufficiency with games and how trash thier company/modern games are.

  • Let me play metroid fusion so I can care about your new game, Nintendo.

  • Settle down everyone. In order for Earthbound to be released there needs to be plenty of no name titles that come before it. Good business move Nintendo.

  • Now we need biker mice from Mars

  • I wouldn’t mind these games being throw in if Nintendo actually had a decent online infrastructure with basic messaging, voice chat, friends list with out online codes etc. Nintendo is a joke

  • And the disappointment continues.

  • Ahoy maties!

  • Oh yea jelly boy. That all we want.

  • I feel like we will get Action 52 before we even get a n64, gb, gba and GameCube online service.

  • I dont mind as I love playing obscure games. Im just annoyed they dont evev mention the online service, they just drop these random games and leave us like ???

  • Am I the only one that is holding my breath for Sim City?

  • Never trust an SNES game from OCEAN

  • Do what you want cuz a pirate is free Pirate all the games

  • The only one I recognize is jelly boy cuz there was some stupid rom hack based on the movie flubber in some bootleg console

  • Come on Nintendo, you have the best retro catalog and you're not giving up a continuous lineup of amazing games. Not even third party games. Just go back to the virtual console and I will be happy to buy the games that hold interest to me. That has value to me as a consumer more so than what we're getting now.

  • Just give some recent games, with every nintendo system you get access to these old games, just give some newer ones like sony and microsoft, doesnt even have to be that new, but this old is just ridiculous

  • Anyone who expects Earthbound is too stupid to emulate it.

  • If they would add some good games or more systems like Game boy and N64 it would incentivize people to get Nintendo switch online service and they would make more money. I had online service before and the best part is Tetris 99 and online Pokémon battles. I also enjoyed playing Donkey Kong country and being able to rewind. I haven’t had the service for a year and I don’t really want to get it again unless they add more games or features. Tetris 99 is really the only thing that tempts me to get it again.

  • Japan is getting Shin Megami Tensei If This isn't fair.

  • 🤣🤣 ohhhhh boy

  • The saddest part is all of us are the problem, because it’s so cheap all of us buy it anyway so Nintendo is never gonna learn

  • Their running out of ideas

  • KICK ROCKS this is terrible. I’m canceling online till splatoon 3

  • At this point, emulate on a steam deck since nintendo won’t give us what we want. Even though we’re all willing to give them money for it.

  • Steam Deck looking better and better

  • Time to sell my switch and games and to just get a Steam Deck, I'll give my money to a company that actually cares about their fans. I truly wish the higher ups at Nintendo would choke on their pills.

    • As much as I hate what nintendo is doing valve couldn't count to 3 and won't give us a tf2 update

  • You know forget earthbound and mario rpg, we have jellyboy, a game that looks extremely bad

  • This is getting lame, Nintendo

  • Still willing to spend more money on games I actually want. Just saying.

  • Nintendo, show your customers you hate them without SAYING you hate them. Nintendo:

  • Nintendo just make gba online for us so we all be happy that’s all we ask😞

  • Im not getting switch online til the online service WORKS

  • ... ... is it me or nintendo is starting to drop the ball?

    • Starting to? They’ve been dropping it.

  • I'm not even mad at this point. I've just come to expect random games no one has ever heard of, lol.

  • Claymates looks like a something i could spend half an hour playing. Other than that, it's another disappointing SNES online trailer.

  • The like to dislike ratio on this video is hilarious

  • Japan got better games than this ones

  • Might as well just add Amiga support while you're at it, considering the majority of these games are most likely ports of Amiga games.

  • Remember, Nintendo loves being cheap with hardware and pushing out disappointing apps on their online service.

  • 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮💩💩💩

  • Clay Fighters. It was right on the tip of your tongue Nintendo. But alas we get Claymates. I will be playing Kablooey cause I used to rent it from Movie Gallery in my youth though so thanks for that. You could have thrown in Trog also instead of Jelly Boy.

  • Can we at least get Shin Megami Tensei I since that had an english localization back in the day 🥲

  • Guess we got Bombuzal'd

  • This jelly boy looks like blobby if your British

  • wtf are these games?

  • "maybe... This time mother will be released..." Meanwhile, Jellyboy "helo"

  • All I want is Illusion of Time (Gaia). :-/

  • Why these games

  • please give us actual games

  • Why even bother to add games anymore?

  • You can have all my apathy. You're not even worth anger anymore.

  • I wanted secret of mana, sunset rider.. or paradious.. can it be possible?

    • @Hw Gray only offline unfortunately

    • @Gary McGinnis ohh, in the mana collection. Does that allow online 2 players mode?

    • Secret of Mana is on Switch already in the Collection of Mana

  • this is just becoming a waste of money

  • Trust me next month they are adding Coolspot.

  • Japan got Shin Megami Tensei If and we get this. Let that sink in for a minute…

  • I've accepted that we probably won't get Chrono Trigger/Final Fantasy games on this due to SquareEnix being SquareEnix. But there's absolutely no excuse to still not have Earthbound and Super Mario RPG. Imagine how different the like/dislike ratio on this video would be if those were the games we got instead of this crap.

  • So you aren’t putting Earthbound and Super Mario RPG on here because of ????, and you aren’t putting N64 games on here because you can still sell them for $60, got it.

  • Nintendo I think your trying to troll us at this point

  • Noooooooooo no more game of those put better game please

  • Nintendo fans: WE WANT EARTHBOUND! Nintendo: DID YOU SAY J E L L Y B O Y? Nintendo fans: no, no we didn't say that at all- Nintendo: OH YOU MUST WANT bombuzal RIGHT? Nintendo fans: Ok now you're just trolling. Nintendo: WAIT YOU MEAN YOU WANNNNNNNT- Nintendo fans: MARIO RPG YES- Nintendo: CLAYMATES? Nintendo fans: Claymates?- Nintendo: CLAYMATES. Nintendo fans: Are you even listening to us?

  • I'm convinced that they just make some of these games as they go cause I at least thought I would've heard SOMETHING about them.

  • These games are absolutely horrible

  • wtf nintendo

  • Have y’all heard of the claymates or what about jelly boy they were on the top most wanted game am I right (says full sentence sarcastically)

  • Cool, guess I'll emulate Super Mario RPG.

  • Man, screw this im emulating

  • Add super Mario rpg please

  • Nintendo: Hates piracy Also Nintendo: Still no N64/GBA Online or Earthbound Players: Download ROMs of Earthbound, Super Mario RPG, various GBA and N64 titles Nintendo: Surprised Pikachu face

  • “When will you add Mario rpg legend of the seven stars?” “who?”

  • Wow Nintendo, now you’re acting like you’re not even trying with this service, because now you’re just putting in nes/snes games nobody ever heard of. Seriously, you put in forgettable games like “Claymates” “Jelly Boy” and “Bombuzal” instead of underrated classics like the ‘ahem’ EARTHBOUND/Mother Trilogy, you guys just want ways to ruin your system and some of its games. Nintendo, PLEASE listen to me, JUST GET RID OF THE ONLINE SERVICE AND LET ONLINE BE FREE AGAIN! Nintendo, if you actually do this, then I’m sure all of the people who own a switch console would be very happy if you get rid of this. You’re letting people waste their hard earned money on games literally nobody heard of. Imagine a child who needs money just for your online service, but their parents/guardians can’t give them money, so their gonna have to work for weeks, but when you actually have the exact amount of money for the service, a new switch game comes out, and you want to get it, but your parents/guardians still wouldn’t get the game, so you still need to work. I still don’t hate anybody who works at Nintendo, I just don’t like this service. When I have this, I was playing Rocket League, but the game was lagging, and made me lose, and I got the footage in the photos and videos section of my console for proof. And when I recently played Mario Tennis Aces online, and just when the match started, the game was over, and it said I lost the match, even though I didn’t quit the game, nor turned the console off. What I’m trying to say is, PLEASE TAKE DOWN THE NINTENDO SWITCH ONLINE SERVICE, AND LET IT BE FREE AGAIN. IF YOU DO, PEOPLE WILL FORGIVE YOU FOR THIS!!!😡😡😡

  • These look like games Game Grumps would play.

  • Earth worm jim pliiiis

  • Didn’t ask.

  • Give us Earthbound, Earthbound Zero, Mario RPG, and Chrono Trigger 😭😭