The Survivalists - Expeditions Update Trailer - Nintendo Switch

Joylandi 15-Iyl, 2021
Gather your monkeys and prepare for more adventure with the Expeditions Update, out now on Nintendo Switch! 🐒

🗺️ Quests
💎 Trinkets
✔️ Save upgrade system
📖 Bestiary
\u0026 more!

The Survivalists is available now:

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  • This is like Don't Starve game but lesser.

  • Could you please stop selling half ready games for a price that’s twice as high as your masterpieces from the 90s or that are just remakes?

  • We need a Gumshoe remake

  • Can i play offline Co-op ?

  • Nah... Steam Deck is better.

  • The game sorely needs more updates, the most lacking survival type game I've ever seen. Go play minecraft or terraria if you want games with content.

  • I cant go from playing games like spyro reignited trilogy and crash 4 to graphics like these. This look like 1992. Gaming falling off everything going backwards

  • This game looks beautiful and has great atmosphere and music. But I found once I had enough battle hardened monkeys, I could go anywhere and easily conquer all areas of the game. Made it feel a little stale toward the end. No real climax or feeling of adventure/excitement. Everything was more or less the same on each island. Still enjoyed playing it though

  • Good game

  • Looks okay but I still feel like it needs more to feel complete

  • Yeah I don't want to restart my island for the second time lol

  • I quit after a few hours it was boring.

  • I play this on Apple Arcade and I love it! This update is just what I needed to get back into it!


  • Nice video nintendo

  • Saw this game a couple weeks ago and almost picked it up. Looks like a very fun and charming game. I heard it has bad fps, but don't really care about that as long as the game is actually fun

    • Nah, it's just locked 30, nothing to worry about considering the fact that the most of the time would be spent on crafting and gathering resources. I do recommend it now, since at launch this game was a disaster in terms of gameplay stuff.

  • Zelda Breath Of The Wild but in 2D.

  • Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope 2022

  • Dont starve?

  • 😂

  • o.0

  • Question: so Nintendo are you Firends with Sega because most of the modern sonic games are on the Nintendo Switch. also im Impressed with the new Nintendo Switch modle. great job

  • My only issue is I don’t wanna finish the game..I like being on the island but the attacks 🥴

  • Is it a free update?

  • I like survivalists, and I'm exited for this update! I've been playing it for a while and I think this update is very needed!


  • Off topic thing to say: Still satisfied and heartwarmed how Nintendo responded to me in that letter earlier this week after I sent it to them on May.

    • @Álvaro Navarro It sure does 👍

    • @M64bros Noo problem man! I like to imagine that there are people that Still care about their fans in Nintendo, and your story kinda proofs It!

    • @Álvaro Navarro for Nintendo and for proof that Nintendo still cares about their fans. I sent that letter to them way back in May. Earlier actually never thought they would actually respond to me but they actually did. I cant send you the link Sadly because UZfire somehow can't let me do it. So you're going to have to go on my channel and find a video called Nintendo has officially responded to me. Sorry about that I don't know what's wrong with UZfire.

    • Oh, really? What did you write the letter for?

  • Is this game local co-op??

  • This is a game I wanted to like, but it just felt off ... Maybe I'll give the demo another try.

    • I'm kinda mad I bought it on sale it isn't very compelling

    • Yeah same, I didn't play it for long. It didn't really have that hook

  • First!

  • Fun fact: The tallest building in the world is the Burg Khalifa in Dubai, standing at over 2,700 feet.

    • @Praecantetia hood 2 know might try out shark tooth harvesting

  • Free DLC? Say less

  • PLEASE, make a new punch out!

  • I love your game

  • I'm glad, fhe game was fun but felt incomplete

    • @Brak Eastwood I never thought I would get this far lel

    • @Daniel Civitello and yours?

    • @Brak Eastwood I'm sorry but I can't find who asked for your opinion

    • This game is pure trash

    • It's still kinda, no weather system, no advanced crafting (you can't even rotate any structure, which is lame), no bosses and no special events. This game is still worse than Don't Starve, but it is much better now with all this updates. There are still plenty to come in the future, but they need to do something about things I stated higher, otherwise it's not going to live much longer.

  • Awesome! Good reason to get back into this game!!!

  • 20fps game 🤢

    • @Molotov07 no, you dont have a magic pc

    • @࿖ Zenn22 ࿖ 30 fps for me not 20

    • @LinkLing your inputs will be hugely delayed, the game will be slow af lol

    • @࿖ Zenn22 ࿖ how then

    • @LinkLing it do

  • can u make Mario odyssey 2 and also could u pls make a new console other than Nintendo switch there are sooo many versions of that, you need to keep in touch with the latest consoles also could u pls share mario with Sony and Microsoft coz the people who dont have a Nintendo still wanna play Mario

  • I bet this is going to be super cool

  • Wait Crap I actually want this Quick how much does the survivalists cost???

    • I think it’s $10 on sale on Xbox right now

    • Costs about 25$ or 20$

    • The eshop said $25

    • It cost 15$ on switch or 16 idk

    • it costs 5 bags of sick cos its 20fps lol

  • Haven't played this yet looks fun, will be checking it out!

    • @Jacey graphics dont effect gameplay 👍 input delay is a myth 👍 bush did nine eleven 👍 you absolute melt

    • @Jacey 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 so ignorant

    • @࿖ Zenn22 ࿖ FPS is purely graphical and has nothing to do with how the game actually plays or what you can do inside the game.

    • @Jacey if they put gamepay first, everything would be 60+

    • @࿖ Zenn22 ࿖ nintendo sacrifices graphics power for gameplay, which is why other games on the system will have lower framerate. suck it up and deal with it ig?

  • Yay!!

  • Animal crossing needs content

  • Finally they released it! I have been waiting for so long after i saw it release on steam!

  • we need the Raft Survival Game WHERE IS IT

  • good game

  • Please nintendo s'il vous plaît golden sun Golden sun golden sun 😭😭😭😭

    • Yes to a new Golden Sun! Now I want to dig out my GBA micro.

    • Yes please 😭😭😭😭

  • Hope they make an Escapist 3 game

  • Fix your drifting joycons hardware issue Yes, I know you can send them in for free..that's not the point and IDC.

  • Love these games team 17 made especially the pixel art style

  • it's very good trailer game Nintendo, that was really amazing.

    • @Praecantetia excellent.

    • @Praecantetia team 17 made the video game franchise.

    • @Taiku Xie hm. I don't know how these trailers are being made.

    • @Praecantetia team 17 only says yes.

  • give us an acnh update pls 😭😭😭

    • @Praecantetia exactly

    • We’ve already had 6, stop whining

  • We need a Pitfall - Lost Expositions remake

  • I'm finally convinced to buy this game

  • It is great to have games that uses 2D animation, and fun gameplay. The Nintendo Switch deserves translated and uncensored visual novels.

  • 🕋

  • it's an epic monkey game!!!!

  • Its the same video that xbox made 4 hours ago wtf

  • No way this game is so sick already

    • @Praecantetia you just learned what AA is and you really wanted to say it xD

    • @Praecantetia "memes and trends" good luck with being born 👍

    • @Praecantetia i like how you provw youre a little kid with the grass fad

    • @࿖ Zenn22 ࿖ oh so sad. I bet you would have thrown mr game and watch games into the bin too when you were 6 because you can't get satisfaction from simple things. Go touch some grass hun.

    • @Praecantetia i am entitled to a working product when i buy sonething :) its basic consuner rights lol

  • This look awesome not gonna lie. just look how the gameplay cool is. no one is gonna hate it

  • YES the LEGEND OF Zelda skyward SWORD HD that my mom pre ordered comes tomorrow!!!!!!!!

    • Thats great! Ignore all these other people, they're just being unnecessarily rude.

    • @Mr.Nimbus cranky

    • Nobody cares about your mommy spending her money on you... literally nobody asked and SS is nowhere in this video. GTFO

    • @Steward ikr

    • Nobody cares that Video is not about Skyward Sword and preordering a game is the worst decision

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    • @Mr.Nimbus hmm

    • @triangle5820 doesn't matter. Not allowed to self promote on other videos via spam either..called unwanted commercial content

    • @Mr.Nimbus i don't think he is a bot

    • Reported

    • ok! edit: *sees fortnite content* hmm imm not sure...

  • Hi


  • Poggers

  • Wow this is the best Nintendo if u see this please highlight it

  • Cool

  • Can we get mario sluggers on switch

  • I really love these modern games that look 16 bit

    • @Joke - R Stardew Valley is very lovely, I'm still playing it on a 2nd farm trying to get 100% from the Beach Layout. Haven't heard of Octopath Traveler before so I'll look into that!

    • @Chad Rose how about octopath traveler or stardew valley?

    • Yes

    • @Joke - R Played both of them! Amazing games :D

    • @Chad Rose celeste, dead cells?

  • Poggers

  • "I'm ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳᶦᵇᶦⁿᵍ ᵗᵒ ᵉᵛᵉʳʸᵒⁿᵉ ʷʰᵒ ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳᶦᵇᵉ ᵃⁿᵈ ˡᶦᵏᵉˢ ᵗʰᶦˢ ᶜᵒᵐᵐᵉⁿᵗ".…………......